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 Recruitment Starts Here:

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PostSubject: Recruitment Starts Here:   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:54 am

American Secret Protocol, premier Adult Gaming Clan, Cooperative Junkies, and Military Misfits. Clan was formed around "Mature, Adult Team Players" and that's the way we like 2 keep it! We come, we defeat and recover our dead. Playing such Tactical Games as Armed Assault 2, GRAW and RB6:Vegas, all games where team work is needed and quick thinking decisions saves lives.

Even as most of the team members to date have been playing for quite some years now, all are still dedicated to the game and team and play every week. Like most veteran teams, the ranks of the team are mostly real life friends hence our motto ASP4LIFE!

Our team is co-op focused and we can run with the greatest squads or beat the "unbeatable" Coop mission.
Contact our members through our Forum or Xfire and we hope we get to play with you all.

How to Apply: Start a new thread with "Enlisting: Your Name" as title. (Copy and Paste info below and Fill out completely)

First Name :


Age :

Location :

Xfire :

Role Preference:

Previous Clans :

Why you want to join:

Additional Information :
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Recruitment Starts Here:
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